Meet Ridiculous

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Basti Wocker (vocals | guitar)

Sebastian Wocker cut his teeth aged 18 in the 1983 European tour of rock musical Hair. He formed award winning London-Hamburg circuit indie band Yeah appearing on various TV shows in the UK and Germany. Basti's vocals feature on the soundtracks of several movies including Forget Me Not (as singing voice of actor Tobias Menzies) and German comedy hit Pornorama (with Tom Schilling). 

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Jon Moss (drums | vocals)

After early outings with The Clash, The Damned, and Adam & The Ants, Jon Moss is of course best known as the drummer and co-founder of 80s pop phenomenon Culture Club. He also played in Basti's previous band Yeah in the late 1990s before now forming Ridiculous. Needless to say, it was Jon who came up with the name.

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Pete Noone (vocals | bass guitar)

World renowned bassist, singer and composer Peter Noone, former bassist of The Cross, has collaborated with, among others, Roger Taylor of Queen,  Roger Daltrey of The Who, The BBC Concert Orchestra (feat. Eddie Jordan) and Americana singer songwriter Peter Bruntnell. 

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Erran Baron Cohen (keys | trumpet | vocals)

Composer of the film scores to Borat, Ali G, The Infidel and various mega film and TV hits, Erran Baron Cohen's whirlwind keys and trumpet solos are the cherry on the top of the Ridiculous Schwarzwalderkirchtorte.  Oh, and he's written for Elton John, Bono, Sting, Snoop Dog and the 'Austrian Jesus' himself BrĂ¼no.